Founded in 2014, Country Breeze Market now has a new owner, Elmer Swarey.


Elmer has had lots of experience in sales and business via his ownership of the Country Pantry store, also in Kentucky and has a good name amongst the community and visitors of Kentucky.

He was offered the chance to purchase Country Breeze and he took it; moving his family soon after.

Nearly all products are supplied by the local community or the Mennonite communities of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin & Ohio.

The service representatives at the Country Breeze Market have lots of product knowledge and whole foods experience to share with the visiting patrons.  Ask them a relevant question about the store or a product and they will be there ready to help in the best way they can.




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  1. Patricia Denney says:

    Do you sell honey that is locally made? If so, how much is it?


    1. Kyle Perry says:

      Yes! We have a local honey, it’s $11.99 for a point, $8.59 I think for a 10 ounce, they come in three different sizes. 🙂


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